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Handmade Monogram Hat Pins

March 13, 2017 1 Comment

Handmade monogram hat pins

We are thrilled to present our new monogram hat pins - handmade in Copenhagen by jewellery maker Alice Kaufmann.

For as long as people has worn head wear, there has been head wear accessories.
The hat pin is probably the most iconic. Is was originally for keeping the hat to the hair, while also serving a decorative purpose. On men's hats however the function of keeping the hat in place wasn't needed, so here it was solely for decorative purposes.

For a while we have been wanting to offer hat pins to go with our custom hats. We didn't want just any hat pins, so we worked with our good friend and jewellery maker, Alice Kaufmann, to create something simple and classic.

The idea was to create something that would go with any kind of hat and at the same time be truly unique. The monogram makes it a personal piece of jewellery, that ensures that there will never any doubt about the owner of the hat.

We came up with two designs, a round hat pin and an octagonal hat pin, both available in pure silver or gold plated silver.

Get yours here.

Hat pins in hats

Alice is a very talented jewellery maker and this isn't the first time we have used her, she also made our wedding rings.
Everything she makes is handcrafted in her workshop on Ryesgade in Nørrebro, Copenhagen.

Alice KaufmannAlice Kaufmann

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Bob T.
Bob T.

September 14, 2017

Besides the beauty and quality craftsmanship of your fedoras, one of the many things that drew me to your work was the attention to detail. When a matchstick and hat pin have as much significance as the whole of the fedora- something very special is created. I hope someday my fedoras will be worn by my grandchildren. Your appreciation to quality and detail will help make this a reality.

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Getting a hat in the right size can sometimes prove quite difficult, because every hat brand’s sizes differ slightly from the next. Sometimes the difference can be as much a size and a half. 

That’s why we have made a FREE sizing kit with a special head circumference tape measure and instructions on how to find the right hat size. Get your sizing kit here.

Hornskov København - Hat sizing kit with special head circumference head measuring tape to measure your hat size.

  1. Find a mirror or someone to help you take the measurement.
  2. Open the hat size tape measure and place it on your head with the size card on your forehead. 
  3. Pull on the tape measure till it sits securely on your head. 
  4. Adjust it so it measures the widest part of your head, which in most cases is about a fingers width above the ears. 
  5. Repeat a couple of times to make sure the size it right.


If you don’t want to wait for our sizing kit you can also use a regular tape measure to measure your head at the widest point, which in most cases is about a fingers width above the ears. 

What you get in cm is essentially your hat size. So if you measured your head to be 58 cm, your hat size is 58. If you are in between two sizes we would recommend choosing the smaller of the two, as the hat will then expand a bit to take the shape of your head.

Hornskov København

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