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Welcome to our new website

November 16, 2016 2 Comments

Welcome to our new website

We have been working hard to get our new website up and running and we are proud to finally present it to you. This new website is just one of many steps we are taking to improve our company profile.

With this new website we are introducing a monthly Newsletter and a Journal with weekly posts, for those interested in following our progress as a company and maybe wants to get to know us as a small family business on a more personal level.

Thank you very much for being here, we really hope you enjoy our new website and that you will come back for more!

2 Responses

James Houlberg
James Houlberg

November 20, 2017

I received my hat today, I am very happy with the hat made by you. I will definitley order my new hats from you, excellent craftsmanship.

Robert Glavind
Robert Glavind

November 18, 2016

Found your site through my connection with Beardbrand and LOVE LOVE LOVE…your website. I am a Hat man too…going to save my shekels for the Homburg. Are all Homburgs made with Beaver felt? They seem to be one of the most expensive hats any time I see them.
Great outfit / pic of the gentleman in the Homburg…gorgeous styling and a very masculine beard. Might look to emulate that one myself, albeit he clearly has a lot more hair on top!
Looks like a great product…I hope to try and get one soon!

Tusind tak!

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Getting a hat in the right size can sometimes prove quite difficult, because every hat brand’s sizes differ slightly from the next. Sometimes the difference can be as much a size and a half. 

That’s why we have made a FREE sizing kit with a special head circumference tape measure and instructions on how to find the right hat size. Get your sizing kit here.

Hornskov København - Hat sizing kit with special head circumference head measuring tape to measure your hat size.

  1. Find a mirror or someone to help you take the measurement.
  2. Open the hat size tape measure and place it on your head with the size card on your forehead. 
  3. Pull on the tape measure till it sits securely on your head. 
  4. Adjust it so it measures the widest part of your head, which in most cases is about a fingers width above the ears. 
  5. Repeat a couple of times to make sure the size it right.


If you don’t want to wait for our sizing kit you can also use a regular tape measure to measure your head at the widest point, which in most cases is about a fingers width above the ears. 

What you get in cm is essentially your hat size. So if you measured your head to be 58 cm, your hat size is 58. If you are in between two sizes we would recommend choosing the smaller of the two, as the hat will then expand a bit to take the shape of your head.

Hornskov København

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