Hornskov Straw

Hornskov Straw is our collection of fine straw hats all hand woven in Ecuador and finished in our workshop in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Hornskov Straw will launch in December 2017.

An upcoming collection of classic straw hats, including panama hats, montecristi hats, optimo hats and other straw hats all hand woven in ecuador and finish by danish hat makers in our hat workshop in Copenhagen, Hornskov København.


How to measure your head

Use a tape measure to measure your head at the widest point, which in most cases is about a fingers width above the ears.

What you get in cm is essentially your hat size. So if you measured your head to be 58 cm, your hat size is 58. If you are in between two sizes we would recommend choosing the smaller of the two, as the hat will then expand a bit to take the shape of your head.

How to measure your hat size

Hornskov København

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