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Free worldwide shipping on orders over 2000 dkk

How to take care of your hat

Maintaining your hat is very important if you want it to last a long time. We are confident that with the right care your Hornskov hat will last for generations.

Handling your hat the right way is the first step to keeping your hat in good shape. It is very common to either grab the hat in the front pinching the dents, or by the edge of the brim. Pinching the hat in the front will reshape the hat over time and if you continue to do so without getting the hat re-blocked for a long time the felt will eventually tear. If you want to grab your hat in the front, do so in a gentle manner and make sure to get your hat re-blocked if it becomes over pinched.
When grabbing your hat by the brim, you want to do so as close to the crown as possible to minimise distortion of the brim over time.
Preferably you would want to handle your hat with care by the crown, as the crown often holds its shape better than the brim.

All of our fur felt hats are highly resilient to the weather, so you needn’t worry if you get caught in a heavy rainfall with you hat on. All you have to do is pop the hat back into its original shape (if your hat has a snap-brim, put it in its up position all the way around), and let it dry at room temperature. If you have a hat stand or a hat rack of some kind, leave it there to dry, if not just leave it on a flat surface. Never ever use a blow-dryer or any other heat source to speed up the drying, it will destroy your hat.

It is a good idea to give your hat a regular brushing.
To clean off dust and dirt use a hat brush or a soft bristle brush. Because of the way hats are made it’s important to brush counter-clockwise as to not ruin the felt.
If there are any serious marks try steaming the hat before brushing.

Over time both your head and your hat can change size slightly.
If your hat is a too tight we would recommend to either take it to a hat maker and get it stretched a bit or try stretching it yourself. You can do so by boiling some water and holding the hat over the steam to get it warmed up, then put it on your head and pull it till it sits where you want it to sit and keep it on till it is dry. You can repeat these steps until it is the way you like it.
Be careful not to pull to hard on the edge of the brim as you may cause it to deform.
If your hat is too loose you can put a strip of foam under the leather sweatband to make it fit better.
Place the strip of foam where your hat is too loose, if it is on the sides place the foam on the sides and if it is in the front and back place the foam there. To keep the foam in place you can use a piece of double sided adhesive tape.

How to measure your head

Use a tape measure to measure your head at the widest point, which in most cases is about a fingers width above the ears.

What you get in cm is essentially your hat size. So if you measured your head to be 58 cm, your hat size is 58. If you are in between two sizes we would recommend choosing the smaller of the two, as the hat will then expand a bit to take the shape of your head.

How to measure your hat size

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